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Caring for the waters of York County, Pennsylvania since 1989
Brown Trout


Poor Behavior Resulting In Loss Of Stream Access

All too often the moronic actions of 1% of a group results in everyone suffering the consequences. In 2019, we lost a considerable section of stream in the Trophy Trout section to posting. In our opinion the landowner was fully justified in taking the action he did. He had several run-ins with some idiots who confronted him with no respect or courtesy whatsoever. They completely disregarded the fact they were on private property and felt they could do whatever they felt like doing. Such behavior has resulted in the loss of access in the past as well.

This is not an easy situation to correct. If you are a TU member, or took the time to visit a TU chapter web site, it's highly unlikely that you fall into this category. What we can do, however is to help demonstrate that there are far more good sportsmen than brainless losers. If you see litter, pick it up. If you meet a landowner, thank them for allowing access and let them know how important the stream is to you. If they mention a problem they're having, tell them you'll inform our TU chapter, and then do so. And of course there's the obvious choices to park wisely (i.e don't block access to fields), stay out of crops, etc. Finally, if you see an offense that justifies it, don't hesitate to use you cell phone to contact the authorities. It will probably help if you can get the offender's license plate and make/model of their car - just be sure to not take risks and put yourself in harm’s way while doing so.

Some of these measures may seem like minor ones but collectively, they all add up to earn us the RIGHT and the PRIVILEGE of fishing the Codorus. Thanks.

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